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Join us in building the next-generation spreadsheet

Current openings

🤖AI Software Engineer - TS, Rust, WASM (full-time)⚒️Founding Software Engineer - Rust, WASM (full-time) ⚒️Founding Software Engineer - React, Express (full-time)

Our mission

At Quadratic, we are building the next-generation spreadsheet. Our mission is to enable everyone to be more capable of understanding data. We enable entire teams to collaborate on data analysis by bridging the gap between technical data scientists and everyday spreadsheet users. With Quadratic, everyone can use data science tools with no overhead, in a sharable environment, while collaborating with their team.

Why join Quadratic?

At Quadratic, we are working on hard tech problems using modern tools such as: Rust, WebGL, Web Assembly, React, and Typescript

We are building a real-time spreadsheet where our users can have millions of cells and millions of rows of data. Updating at a consistent 60 frames per second, we give the user full pinch-and-zoom freedom of motion they would expect from Figma or Google Maps. Running Python, SQL, and Formulas in real-time with data passed between programming languages — all in the browser. If you are interested in working with new technologies and a hard problem that can transform a massive industry, Quadratic is the place for you.

Our culture

Our goal is to create the environment where you will do the best and most meaningful work of your career.

Human values

  • Always respectful. Zero tolerance for harm or lack of respect for others.
  • Brutal honesty, delivered kindly. We are open, realistic, and kind to each other.
  • Communication is key. We create an environment for open and respectful discourse. Poor communication kills early stage startups.
  • Confidence, not ego. We aim to create a meritocracy. Those who succeed at Quadratic do so because of their talent, not their pedigree, seniority, or self image. Ego has no place here, but confidence does.
  • Diverse teams win. We value inclusivity and recognize that diversity in all its forms strengthens our organization and is foundational to our success.
  • Fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Let’s build a category defining product and have fun doing it.

Design and engineering values

  • Quadratic makes our users feel smarter. When using Quadratic our users should feel like they can tackle bigger problems and work smarter. After using Quadratic, other spreadsheets will feel out of date.
  • Perfectionists with deadlines. Details matter; so does progress. We strongly value decisiveness and taking action.
  • The tool should disappear. Users work in Quadratic for hours a day, we do everything in our power to focus the user on their work and their data. Not on our tool.
  • Write code for humans. Great code is easy to read and understand. In places where you need to optimize code for the machine, write excellent documentation for what’s going on and why.
  • Consistency as a deliverable. Every frame, every pixel matters. Quadratic always runs at 60 FPS, and the UI does not freeze with big operations. We would rather not have a feature than have a buggy feature.
  • Scales with user ability. Easy to learn, powerful for experts.


  • Top team. Learn from the best - we strive to have the top 1% of talent in every position.
  • Generous equity. We strongly align incentives for all of our employees with the success of Quadratic. We provide top-of-the-industry equity compensation to make sure that you have meaningful ownership of what you are building.
  • Flexibility. Remote work when appropriate and living your life is encouraged. We live our lives outside of work as avid mountain bikers, skiers, hikers, travelers, etc.
  • Mandatory PTO. At Quadratic you have Unlimited PTO. Additionally, you have mandatory 15 days of PTO annually.
  • Holiday shutdown. OOO the week of Christmas and New Years.

Interview Process

  1. Our interview process starts with a 15 minute phone call to gauge mutual interest and fit.
  2. From there we schedule a one hour video call with our team.
  3. If there is a mutual interest to move forward we then start a two week trial period. This trial can be part time if you have existing employment. During this time you will build real features for Quadratic and you will be paid a fair hourly rate.
  4. Finally, we can both make an informed decision on moving to a full-time hire.

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